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Nutritional evaluation of wheat flour cookies supplemented...

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Nutritional evaluation of wheat flour cookies supplemented with chickpea, cheese whey and amino acids.

Extract: The results of wheat flour supplementation with raw or cooked chickpea or cheese whey were assessed with two kinds of cookies: a) wheat flour: chickpea flour 60:40% by weight with and without lysine and methionine, and b) wheat flour: chickpea flour: cheese whey, 60:30:10% by weight. Chemical and biological evaluation and comparison of supplemented cookies with commercial wheat flour cookies were carried out. All of the cookies contained 9 to 10% protein. The commercial cookies had negative PER probably due to lysine deficiency which is reduced even more(48%) during baking. The PER increased significantly when chickpea was added, more so when the cookies were prepared with raw chickpea rather that cooked ones. Lysine or methionine addition did not further improve significantly the nutritional value of the whet flour: chick pea cookies. The PER of the wheat flour: chickpea cookies was reduced by the addition of cheese whey. (author)

Journal Title: Nutrition reports international.
Journal Volume/Issue: April 1984. v. 29 (4)
Main Author: Hernandez, Miguel.
Other Authors: Sotelo, Angela.
Format: Article
Language: English
Subjects: protein composition
nutritive value
amino acids
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