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Usefulness of nutritonal screening for the identification of...

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Usefulness of nutritonal screening for the identification of Xanthomonas campestris DNA homology groups and pathovars.

A nutritional screen of 143 carbon sources was done on 88 strains of xanthomonads from 39 different Xanthomonas campestris pathovars, X. albilineans, X. fragariae, and 'X. gardneri'. Six compounds, cellobiose, fructose, fumarate, glucose, L-malate and succinate supported growth of all strains except X. albilineans, whereas 92 substrates were not utilized by any strain. Substrate utilization patterns appeared sufficiently uniform among the various genomic groups within Xanthomonas to allow their differentiation. The most easily distinguished pathovars were X. cam. pv. oryzicola and X. cam. secalis of genomic groups 4 and 3, respectively, because they used few substrates. Genomic group 1 was the most difficult to distinguish because utilization patterns differed substantially among the pathovars that comprise the group. Substrate utilization was useful for distinguishing pathovars within genomic groups. For example, X. campestris pv. pelargonii of genomic group 5 was differentiated from X. cam. carotae, X. cam. taraxaci, and 'X. gardneri' by growth on aconitate but not D-tartrate. Similarly, use of D-tartrate differentiated X. celebensis from X. cam. pv. juglandis within group 6. Sorbitol was utilized only by X. cam. pv. plantaginis of group 2 and arabitol was a useful substrate for identifying X. cam. pv. pisi and pv. eucalypti. Most patterns of carbon utilization were confirmed with Biolog tests but there were exceptions as was found with utilization of glycerol and D-arabitol. The Biolog test also revealed some differences in carbon utilization not detected by standard tests of carbon substrates. It is concluded that nutritional screening has promise for identifying genomic groups and various pathovars within the genus Xanthomonas.

Journal Title: Journal of applied bacteriology.
Journal Volume/Issue: Nov 1993. v. 75 (5)
Main Author: Hildebrand, D.C.
Other Authors: Hendson, M., Schroth, M.N.
Format: Article
Language: English
Subjects: plants
Xanthomonas campestris
nutrition assessment
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