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Effects of blanching method on the quality characteristics of...

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Effects of blanching method on the quality characteristics of frozen peas.

This study evaluated the effects of microwave blanching prior to freezing as an alternative pretreatment for frozen peas. Peas were blanched (steam-, boiling water immersion-, microwave- or microwave-blanched in a bag), frozen and evaluated after 0, 6 and 12 weeks for moisture and ascorbic acid content, peroxidase activity, visual appearance and instrumental color, and after 6 and 12 weeks for aroma, flavor and texture. All blanch treatments reduced peroxidase activity by 97% compared with controls (unblanched); blanching methods did not differ. Steam blanching resulted in significantly better ascorbic acid retention than all other treatments; microwave blanch treatments were either equivalent to or better than boiling water immersion. Both microwave treatments darkened (L* value) peas. Microwave-blanched peas were visually greener than other treatments, but their appearance was less intact. Aroma and flavor were similar among blanch treatments. Texture of boiling water immersed peas was similar to the two microwave treatments.

Journal Title: Journal of food quality.
Journal Volume/Issue: 2005 Aug., v. 28, no. 4
Main Author: Lin, S.
Other Authors: Brewer, M.S.
Format: Article
Language: English
Subjects: peas
hot water treatment
microwave treatment
frozen foods
storage time
food processing quality
moisture content
ascorbic acid
enzyme activity
sensory evaluation
appearance (quality)
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