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Effect of organic manures and inorganic fertilizer on growth,...

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Effect of organic manures and inorganic fertilizer on growth, herb and oil yield, nutrient accumulation, and oil quality of French basil.

Intensive cropping systems with fertilizer responsive crops that rely on high input of inorganic fertilizers often lead to nonsustainability in production and also pose a serious threat to soil health. Application of organic sources of nutrients with no or very little use of fossil fuel-based inorganic fertilizers is rapidly gaining favor. However, considering economics and also physiological potential of varieties, entire dependence on organic sources of nutrients may not be adequate to attain the most productivity. Integrated nutrient management with both organic and inorganic fertilizers was investigated. A field trial was conducted with six different combinations of organic manure (FYM and Vermicompost) and inorganic fertilizers [nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium (NPK)] to study their effect on yield and oil quality in basil (Ocimum basilicum L. cv. Vikas Sudha). Results from the experiment revealed that among the six treatments compared, the combination of Vermicompost at 5 t ha(-1) + fertilizer NPK 50:25:25 kg ha(-1) performed the best with respect to growth, herb, dry matter, oil content, and oil yield. Content of principal constituents of basil oil (Methyl chavicol and Linalool) were also higher under integrated nutrient management especially when Vermicompost was applied in combination with NPK. Furthermore, it was noticed that organic carbon (C), available N, and P were higher in postharvest soils that received organic manure alone or in combination with inorganic fertilizers than control (no fertilizer or manure) and inorganic fertilizer treated soil. This study indicates that combined application of manure and fertilizer helps to increase crop productivity and quality and maintaining soil fertility.

Journal Title: Communications in soil science and plant analysis.
Journal Volume/Issue: 2005, v. 36, no. 13-14
Main Author: Anwar, M.
Other Authors: Patra, D.D., Chand, S., Alpesh, K., Naqvi, A.A., Khanuja, S.P.S.
Format: Article
Language: English
Subjects: NPK fertilizers
oil crops
Ocimum basilicum
plant fats and oils
plant growth
dry matter accumulation
nutrient content
lipid content
nutrient uptake
soil chemical properties
nitrogen content
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