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Biogenic amine determination in wine fermented in oak...

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Biogenic amine determination in wine fermented in oak barrels: Factors affecting formation

Changes in biogenic amines (histamine, putrescine, tyramine and cadaverine) were monitored during the industrial production of Tempranillo and Cabernet Sauvignon wines. The origin of these amines in relation to the presence of different lactic bacteria (indigenous or inoculated) during malolactic fermentation, while aging in oak barrel, and the correlations between amines and their corresponding amino acids were statistically evaluated. In this study we found that there was a greater increase in amines post malic acid depletion than during malolactic fermentation and that more amines were produced in wine of the Tempranillo variety. The total amino acid concentration was 1.6 times greater in Tempranillo than in Cabernet Sauvignon wine before and after malolactic fermentation. The inoculation of wine with commercial malolactic starters minimised the levels of biogenic amines. The kind of malolactic fermentation management and the ageing time had a significant influence on the evolution of the volatile compounds in this study.

Journal Title: Food research international.
Journal Volume/Issue: 2008 Aug., v. 41, issue 7
Main Author: Hernández-Orte, P.
Other Authors: Lapena, A.C., Pena-Gallego, A., Astrain, J., Baron, C., Pardo, I., Polo, L., Ferrer, S., Cacho, J., Ferreira, V.
Format: Electronic
Language: English
Subjects: wines
malolactic fermentation
biogenic amines
lactic acid bacteria
wine aging
oak barrels
volatile compounds
amino acid composition
starter cultures
grape must
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