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Effect of two species of cyanobacteria as biofertilizers on...

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Effect of two species of cyanobacteria as biofertilizers on some metabolic activities, growth, and yield of pea plant

Two cyanobacterial species (Nostoc entophytum and Oscillatoria angustissima) were tested as biofertilizers, substituting the normally used chemical fertilizer, for pea plant. Inoculation of soil with a suspension of each species or a combination of the two species significantly increased the germination percentage and stimulated the other measured growth parameters and photosynthetic pigment fractions of pea. However, the soil inoculation with one cyanobacterial species and the addition of the recommended dose or half the recommended dose of chemical fertilizer were usually more effective and also increased carbohydrate and protein contents of produced pea seeds. However, biofertilization combined with half the recommended dose of the chemical fertilizer was usually more effective than the addition of the full rate of the chemical fertilizer, and this may allow saving 50% of the used chemical fertilizer. The protein profile of the produced seeds showed appearance and disappearance of some protein bands in response to fertilization treatments compared to the control. Blue green algae analyses show that N. entophytum fixed more N, produced more exopolysaccharide, and contained more auxin and cytokinin than O. angustissima, the latter contained more gibberellins. These data may explain their different influences on growth and yield of pea.

Journal Title: Biology and fertility of soils.
Journal Volume/Issue: 2010 Oct., v. 46, no. 8
Format: Electronic
Language: English
Subjects: Internet resource
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