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A six months tour through the north of England : containing, an account of the present state of agriculture, manufactures and population, in several counties of this kingdom: particularly, I. The nature, value, and rental of the soil; II. The size of farms, with accounts of their stock, products, population, and various methods of culture; III. The use, expence and profit of several sorts of manure; IV. The breed of cattle, and the respective profits attending them; V. The state of the waste lands which might and ought to be cultivated; VI. The condition and number of the poor, with their rates, earnings, &c.; VII. The prices of labour and provisions, and the proportion between them; VIII. The register of many curious and useful experiments in agriculture, and general practices in rural oeconomics communicated by several of the nobility, gentry, &c. &c. interspersed with descriptions of the seats of the nobility and gentry; and other remarkable objects: illustrated with copper plates of such implements of husbandry, as deserve to be generally known; and views of some picturesque scenes, which occurred in the course of the journey ... in four volumes.

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